Audit Committee

審核委員會包括三名獨立非執行董事,即林友欣女士,Park Jee Ho先生及陳銘傑先生。林友欣女士為審核委員會主席。

Our Company has established the Audit Committee in compliance with Rule 5.28 of the GEM Listing Rules. Written terms of reference in compliance with paragraph C3 of the Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report as set out in Appendix 15 to the GEM Listing Rules has been adopted. Among other things, the primary duties of the Audit Committee are to make recommendations to our Board on appointment or reappointment and removal of external auditor; review financial statements of our Company and judgments in respect of financial reporting; and oversee internal control procedures of our Company.
The Audit Committee consists of three independent non-executive Directors, namely Ms. Lim Joo Seng, Mr. Park Jee Ho and Mr. Chan Ming Kit.
Ms. Lim Joo Seng is the chairman of the Audit Committee.

Terms Of Reference Of Audit Committee